Planning for a successful custom software project

By Steven Barer
June 16, 2015

Occasionally I get asked, “What are the ingredients for a successful outcome when you embark on having custom software created for your organization?”

Having reasonable expectations is essential.

How long will this take?  How much money will it cost?

It’s essential that we approach this process as an engagement, not a purchase.  Having custom software created is an organic process; if you can describe what you require, a skilled developer can deliver that.  It takes a full engagement of both parties.

When you hire contract custom software developers to achieve a result that you’ve got in mind, both parties need to approach the undertaking much like you would if you were hiring an architect to design you a home.

You’ve got ideas, and these will form the basis on which you embark on the process.  These ideas will be enhanced by the wisdom and experience that the architect brings to the process.

Neither party can accurately describe what the finished result will look like, without embarking on the process together.

That’s exactly what will happen when you decide that the only way to reach your software objectives is by having an active hand in the design.

We encourage you to explore this process if your needs cannot be met by software that you can purchase ready made.