You won’t believe the amazing places where FileMaker is at work behind the scenes

By Steven Barer
June 11, 2015

In a June 5, 2015, piece for the Ottawa Citizen, Julie Beun profiles Rand Peppler, co-founder of the now defunct ‘80s band, the Randypeters. This transplanted Canadian now makes his living in Los Angeles with PilotWare, ground-breaking software used for production in such well-known shows as The Apprentice, Survivor, America’s Next Top Model, Hollywood Game Night, Jimmy Kimmel Live and at least 500 other programs

From the article:

“The interconnectivity and integrated systems of PilotWare has transformed the culture of our production because we all operate as one large, interconnected and interdependent system that all pulls on the rope at the same time. Anything I want to know or see about anything we have ever done on our 2000-plus shows lives on PilotWare,” says [Jimmy Kimmel Live producer David] Craig.

Read the full article: “From indie pop to Pilotware: Ottawa’s Rand Peppler makes his mark in software for the small screen
June 5, 2015
By Julie Beun, Ottawa Citizen