Our FileMaker consultants love collaboration & customization

Our FileMaker consultants collaborate, then we customize. It's our modus operandi.

Initial meeting
To explore your ideas and requirements, we’ll have a preliminary meeting with you. This usually takes place face to face, but can be done by phone if travel is an issue. Our FileMaker consultants ask a lot of questions – and listen carefully. There’s no charge for this.

Design Standards survey
We also ask you to provide feedback in our Design Standards Survey, which helps us gauge your expectations, and prepares you for the custom FileMaker software development process.

Needs analysis
If there’s a fit, a round-table needs analysis is carried out with the people in your business who have key roles in the systems and procedures you want to improve. This step generally requires at least a half-day meeting, usually followed by some one-on-one interviews. Depending on the complexity of your FileMaker project, the needs analysis stage can require anywhere from three to 25 billable hours, or more.

The proposal
Once our FileMaker consultants digest the needs analysis information, we will present a proposal outlining how we’ll approach your customized software development, how long the work will take, what you can expect to pay, and what kind of involvement will be expected of you and your key staff members. Your opinion is sought (and valued).

Making IT work
Our FileMaker consultants roll up their sleeves and perform the work at our place – and yours. Working closely with you, your input ensures the FileMaker design fully meets your specific needs and expectations. In fact, we can often develop your FileMaker software in modules or stages, allowing you to get ‘hands on’ as early as possible.

Once the FileMaker software is ready for more rigorous testing, we'll install it in your office so you can use it in your world. If necessary, our FileMaker consultants can run it parallel with whatever we're replacing, allowing two systems to co-habit to ensure everything performs perfectly. And when the new system is ready to stand alone, we can help you safely migrate data from your old system.

IT works
Your new FileMaker database is online in real time. Your old system is but a fading memory. You know whom to call when you want to add to, or revise, your FileMaker system. Life is good.

If you’d like to discuss your Mac or PC FileMaker software questions, contact us.