FileMaker Pro solutions and and database development news

Here's the latest FileMaker Pro design and database development news and happenings.

February 2018

Happy New Year

We’re well into 2018 already, and our team is hard at work at Oak Bay Softrends.

January 2016

Suddenly FileMaker developers are iOS app developers

That’s the upshot of FileMaker Inc.’s release of the FileMaker iOS Application Software Development Kit, a toolkit that lets FileMaker developers engage their existing skills to create native iOS apps.

July 2015

Budget something every month for system development

This quote from Mike Harris, one of the grandfathers of the FileMaker industry, describes why you fixed-price bids and estimates are inadequate for good system development.

June 2015

Planning for a successful custom software project

What are the ingredients for a successful outcome when you embark on having custom software created for your organization? How long will this take? How much money will it cost?

June 2015

You won’t believe the amazing places where FileMaker is at work behind the scenes

Transplanted Canadian (and former band member) Rand Peppler has used FileMaker to transform the production process for many well-known Hollywood television shows.

May 2015

FileMaker Inc. announces version 14

“FileMaker 14 maintains the existing file format and solidifies some of these earlier advancements (especially in WebDirect) but also keeps the pressure on developers by introducing powerful innovations that affect the design of databases for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, and web browsers.”

March 2015

Oak Bay Softrends Heads to Vegas

A few of the Oak Bay Softrends team are making plans to attend FileMaker DevCon 2015 this July in Las Vegas.

January 2015

Using AppleScript to trigger OS X notifications from FileMaker Pro

Here's an interesting read for the technically inclined.

November 2014

Accounting is Part of Almost Every Organization

An interesting look at FileMaker and its relationship with core accounting functions, by friend and colleague Doug Alder

October 2014

FileMaker on IOS

FileMaker continues to expand it's market presence by providing the sweetest application development environment, now on iPhone and iPad.

July 2014

Extending FileMaker’s Usefulness

Having FileMaker show you the correct record when the phone rings?

April 2014

FileMaker on IOS

Imagine extending the reach of your organization's information in innovative new ways by putting content, or functionality, in the hands of team members, wherever they may be. FileMaker on IOS opens up many new ways for you to consider leveraging your information to best advantage.

February 2014

Thinking about FM 13

Fm 13 considerations

December 2013

Ready for FileMaker Version 13

This version comes with a number of worthwhile improvements.

April 2010

Business in Vancouver

We're profiled in an article called "Custom database development at heart of company success."

September 2008

Fall 2008 Update

Summer is over, everyone has had great vacations, and we’re getting back into full swing here.

December 2007

Holiday Greetings

May each of YOU enjoy the best of this holiday season, with friends and family.

September 2005

A Baby Boy for Kim!!!

Oak Bay Softrends is proud to announce that Kim Anderson (Olson) had a baby boy on September 9th at 1:21pm.

August 2003

Off to Phoenix!

Oak Bay Softrends is off to Phoenix, Arizona, for the annual FileMaker Developers Conference.

August 2003

Developers Wanted

Expanding software firm requires additional talented developers.

October 2002

Staying In Shape

News from the Victoria Marathon.

September 2002

Site Launch

Oak Bay Softrends website has launched.