Our Clients: DigitalIR Technologies

DigitalIR Technologies is a small company that provides a big service, performing fugitive emisions studies in the oil and gas industry. It's a very specific niche, and there isn't any off the shelf software that breaks down, organizes and tracks the information gathered and analyszed by DigitalIR.

Owner Rodger Legault is an expert in his field, but in 2011 it became apparent that to grow his business, he needed an expert at custom FileMaker databases, and that's when Oak Bay Softrends entered the picture.

"They got me up and running within two weeks," Legault said. "They really understood me -- even when I didn't know exactly what I wanted."

Over the next year and a half, Oak Bay worked regularly with Legault to streamline his system and integrate additional functionality.

"They worked with my schedule, which can be pretty hectic," Legault said.

Most importantly, though, is that "Oak Bay's level of knowledge is very, very high. I know some things about FileMaker, but their developer would understand what I was asking for, and have it working in no time."

With the ongoing refinements, the software is now so comprehensive, Legault said, that other companies are looking at it to see what it can do for their companies. You can learn more about DigitalIR Technologies here.

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