Our Clients: Wellness Works

A good computer program should eliminate repetitive work and drudgery, and hopefully reduce errors as well.

Sweatbox, an exercise training program created for Wellness Works by Oak Bay Softrends, does just that. Wellness Works is a BC-based integrated fitness, nutrition, and wellness services business run by Vreni Gurd.

Sweatbox helps Wellness Works trainers create uniform-looking exercise programs that still have the flexibility needed to make personalized workouts. The program contains over 800 exercises with searchable descriptions. It’s easy to modify exercises or add new ones, and allows Wellness Works to create targeted programs for different types of personal training clients. It’s so detailed, Gurd says, she can even specify the tempo for each bicep curl repetition (or leg lift, or squat, or… you get the idea)!

Gurd came to Oak Bay Softrends with the idea for the software, and they worked together on the specification, and then the interface and functionality.

“I don’t have to do copy and paste and retyping any more, rehashing the same ol’ same ol’,” Gurd said. “Writing exercise programs can be a real pain; but with Sweatbox you end up with something that’s very professional with minimum effort.”

As for the process of going from idea to final product with Oak Bay, Gurd says, “They’ve been great to work with. Steven [Barer, owner] really understood the process I wanted.”

“It’s so adaptable, it makes changes easy,” Gurd said. “It covers all the bases.”

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