Our Clients: Skana Forest Products

Diane Tutush is a long-time satisfied customer of Oak Bay. We built an ordering and tracking database for her company, Skana Forest Products, a lumber wholesale firm.

Skana began working with Oak Bay Softrends in 2009. “We were originally working with Filemaker on our own, to track orders and invoicing,” Diane said.

“We needed to have some professional help, and Oak Bay showed us what they could do for us. They came into the office in person, and got a feel for the business.”

“They talked to the invoicing department and the traders, the people who actually sold the lumber, to see what their needs were, and then built the system to address those needs.”

Diane says that now there are at least 20 users of the Filemaker system at Skana, and that it handles them easily. Each user can access it off their laptop or even from their phones. Remote work is easy and they also have several satellite offices that Oak Bay helped set up.

“As part of the project, (Oak Bay) transferred all the previous data over to the new program, all of it. It just seemed like a very smooth transition,” Diane said.

Diane says Oak Bay Softrends is extremely responsive. "If we have even just the littlest problem, they’re back to us almost immediately. They’ve come in recently and upgraded the program for us, and because of them, the system never has been down for an extended period."

“Now, they access the servers remotely to make improvements and adjustments. They’ve always been able to accommodate our every wish. We’re just happy as can be with all their service.

“Their work is excellent, very professional.” We’re glad to hear it, Diane.


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